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Encore of Georgia


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Encore of Georgia is a Georgia based branch of E-Group.

EnterpriseHR and EncoreHR are a Human Resource Organization located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

EnterpriseHR and EncoreHR bring together the related disciplines of payroll, benefit administration, workers' compensation and human resource functions into a single source, eliminating the need to staff internally, or outsource these functions.

Visit each of these areas for a more detailed description of their products and services:

Client Solutions
Employee Solutions
Broker Solutions
Human Resource Solutions
Employee Benefit Administration Solutions
Payroll Solutions
Risk Management Solutions

All three "sister" sites feature Summit application and a client area.
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Bit Design - Web Design Agency
National Benefit Builders Inc. (NBBI) is a national marketing company that has brought together some of the finest health care networks in America under the brand name MedAfford.

It is NBBI'S mission to make sure that uninsured or underinsured people have the same access to reduced fee healthcare as the big insurance companies and large corporations.
Bit Design - Web Design Agency
  • Bit Design far exceeds expectations even after you have used them three times. They have the unique talent of being incredible artists as well as great marketers. They have an incredible feel for what you are trying to accomplish and hold your hand every step of the way. They are patient with your changes. We have not only become valuable business partners but also valuable friends. I cannot think of anything better to say about Laza then "he is the ultimate professional". I will use him every time there is no reason to look elsewhere.

    Kevin Faherty, National Benefit Builders, Inc., New Jersey

My Debt Relief
Bit Design - Web Design Agency will help you:

  • Avoid filing that costly bankruptcy.
  • Become financially secure in 12-36 months.
  • Reduce your overall unsecured debt by an average of 40-60%.
  • Consolidate your payments into one easy payment per month.
  • Minimize or eliminate annoying creditor calls so you can relax.
  • Take back control of your financial situation.
  • Manage your budget to avoid future mishaps.
Bit Design - Web Design Agency

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