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This is a list of awards our clients' sites won so far.
More info about each award (awarded site, date of receipt, etc.) will be provided upon request.
Bit Design - Web Design Agency
Bit Design - Web Design Agency
World's Top Awards

Superb! Website 100 Award
O.N.Z.C.D.A Platinum Award
O.N.Z.C.D.A Gold Award
Nem5 Web Maggic Silver Award
DandieStar*** TopInfo Award
AljapaCo Webb Award
Bit Design - Web Design Agency

Critic's Choice Award - Silver
GeethaZone Outstanding Design Award
DandieStar** Design Award
Nem5 Web Maggic Design Award
Nem5 Web Maggic Commercial Award
Burc-Info Award
Future Antiquities Bronze award
SunsetSurfers Silver Medal of Excellence
GNAE Awards Programme Silver Award
Groundzero Design Award
Doug's World Silver Award
Artist's Choice Award - Merit of Honor
The Private Eye Excellence Award
Chrysallis Award
1SG Encouragement Web Award
SILVER TOTW Treasured Web Award
BigOscar **
Valkyrie's Silver Award
Wowgraphics Useful Site Award
Silver Lone Star Design Award
Rhonda's Expressions Silver Award
Critical Mass Award
Visual Xtreme Award of Excellence - Gold
American Awards Gold
BV. Lindenheuvel Gold Award
Webmaster Excellence Award
LTS Grail Award
Web Design 2000 Award
Silver Pill Award
Awards Site UK - 4 Star Award
Empire Award
Internet Excellence Award
Gold Prometheus Award
Mothers of Addicts Silver Award
TLTC Wild Adventures Bronze Award
Advanced Web Design Award
JerryD's Silver Award
American Association of Webmaster Awards - Gold
David Artrusso Gold Award 2003
Vision Site Design Awards - Gold
AJCF Gold award
"This Site Floats" Award
Uwe's Award in Silver
Weis-Awards Gold Award
BradWRX Excellence Award
APC Web Development Excellence Award
Adage Top Design Award
Platinum Awesome Artist Award
Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards - Merit
Joschi's *Award of Excellence*
WM8C's Ham Links Design & Content Merit Award
OSPD award - gold
The Wheel of Life Bronze Award
Mona Lisa Select Site Award Award of Excellence
Lady J's Award for Excellence - Gold
LA Aluminium Business Award
Excellence in Web Business SILVER Award
Korea Bronze Award
Korea Orchid Bronze Award
Val's Award of Excellence
Dragon Master Award - Gold
Deb's Silver Award
Silver Nodus Web Award
Smart Site Award
Pamela's Silver Award of Excellence
PBSCO Technical Award
TimberCarver Gold Eagle
Irises Award
Knowledge College Tutors Gold Award
ACA Web Page Excellence Award
Aloha Award
Ahead on the Web - Award of Excellence
Gold Nugget Award for web design
Level 2 award
CyberTeddy Online People's Choice award
Silver Global Web Award
Cybernettix WDA
The Awards Garden Gold Site
Le Chateau De Liz Award
Gold by
Real Estate Library Pure Gold Award
Super - Andy Gold Award
Silver K2 Excellent Award
Bright-Byte 2003 Concept Award
ERAust site award
Ch0wn of Silver
Tim's Spider Award
Gold Deco Award
One Love Stuff Business Site award
TuT Award
Artsy Award
Business Excellence Award!
World Web Award of Excellence
BearzWeb 110% Prestige Award
Web Genie Excellent Content Award
Best of the best BMGD Silver Award
Visions-Bronce Award Silver Award
2002 Award for Website Excellence
Golden Unicorn Award
Canada Graphics (excellence of design) Award
Business Achievement Award
VP Avatar Domain Award - Gold
BioMUTATION GFX - Site of the Day Award
Neovizion Award
Golden Web Award
Decadent Vision Award
Shadow Poetry - Bronze Award
Critic's Choice Award - Bronze
O.N.Z.C.D.A Merit
Harbeson and Associates - Silver Medal of Excellence
Doug's World Bronze Award
Bronze Crowned Achievement Award
Rhonda's Expressions Bronze Award
GrafxEmporium Silver Award of Distinction
5Star Sites Award
Nature Flame - Gold
GlobalBizShows Gold Design Award
Cresode.COM Creative Top Award
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